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WS-Ferientanz: Storm And Stone_Maddison Glover
Sweet Caroline_Darren Bailey
Nickajack_Rob Fowler  
Rhyme or Reason_Rachael McEnaney
A Devil in Disguise*_Pat Stott & Alan Birchall
Hearts on Fire*_Maggie Gallagher
Cabo San Lucas_Rep Ghazali
Reunited_Niels Poulsen
Shivers_Alison & Peter
I Love Grandpa_Vikki Morris
I’m On My Way_Maggie Gallagher
Train Wreck_Niels Poulsen
Chill Factor*_D. Whittaker & H. Westhead
Sundown Swing_Rob Fowler et al
‚Til You Can’t_Gary O’Reilly
Bosa Nova*
Sweet Attraction_Kate Sala et al
Tag On*
Cold Heart_Maddison Glover
Raised Like That_Darren Bailey
Till We Meet Again_Ivonne Verhagen&Urban Danielsson
Old Flames*
Corn_Rob Fowler
Make It Sweet_Rachael McEnaney-White
Que Paso
Cooler Than Cool*  
La Fiesta Cubana  
Leaving of Liverpool*
Down to The Honkytonk*
Champagne Promise*
Aberdeen_Silvia Schill
A Shot of Tequilla*
All Shook Up*
Lullaby Waltz*
Nimby EZ*
WS: 09.08.2021: Summer Shake, Ivonne, Giuseppe, JP, José
WS: 26.07.2021 – Amen, Jurka Blazko
WS: 19.07.2021 – My Bestie, Colin Ghys & Jose Miguel
WS: 12.07.2021 – Truth Be Told,Maddison Glover
Vertical Expression, Robbie McGowan Hickie*  
Cowboy Life, Adriano Castagnoli  
Walk With Me, Rob Fowler*
Off The Beaten Track,Gary O’Reilly
Moses, Roses, Toeses, Amy Glass  
Lonely Blues, Rachael McEnaney-White*  
Life’s Roller Coaster, Maggie Riklin
The Older I Get, Wil Bos, Yvonne Smeets*  
Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Unknown*  
Hallelujah, Alison Johnstone  
Last Chance Dance, Maddison Glover*  
What Happens Next, J. Wetzel  
The Captain, J. Talbot  
Jerusalema (64), C. Ghys, A. Johnstone


  • Safe Haven, S. Fillion, B. Morel
  • Cruel Intentions, Karl-Harry Winson
  • Lake Darbonne, D. Villellas
  • Blessed, Jackie Miranda
  • Open Heart Cowboy, Sandrine, Magali
  • Codigo, Pat Stott
  • Fall in Love, Pat Stott
  • The Trail, J. McDonald
  • Bonaparte’s Retreat, M. Glover
  • Sweet Attraction, K.Sala Sh. Guichard D. Musk
  • Home To Donegal, H. Barton, N. Poulsen
  • Cowboy Life, A. Castagnoli
  • Champagne Promise, T. Argyle
  • Good Memories, A. Castagnoli
  • Shot Of Tequila, F. Whitehouse
  • Backroad Nation, D. Dawson
  • Pretty Girl, O’Reilly, M. Gallagher
  • Sweet Dummy, M. Chafino
  • Jerusalema (24), Adilson Maiza
  • Breakin‘ It, J. Wamars
  • Summer Fly, G. Rothwell
  • Wave on Wave, Alan G. Birchall
  • Irish Stew, L. Lightfoot
  • Lonely Drum, D. Mitchell
  • Anything For Love, The Dreamers
  • Black Coffee, H. O’Malley
  • Country Boy Lovin‘, M. Glover
  • Adalaida, G. Oreilly
  • The Older I Get, W. Bos, Y. Smeets
  • Wintergreen, M. Gallagher
  • Good Hearted Woman, A. Tisi
  • Weekdays, A. Furrer
  • Golden Wedding Ring, S. Fillion
  • Coffee Days & Whiskey Nights, I.Verhagen
  • TH-Guest Ranch, D. Villellas, M. Chafino
  • Remember You Young, Thompson, A. Storsveen
  • Turning Tables, M. Glover, T. Glover
  • One Magic Moment, J.R. Gallego, N.R. Gamisans
  • A Tale to Tell, S. Lang
  • Cooler Than Cool, N. Poulsen
  • Good Feelings, F. Whitehouse
  • Gone West, G. O’Reilly, M. Gallagher
  • Mamma Maria, F. Trace
  • Alcohol, B. Morel
  • Canadian Stomp, Unbekannt
  • Country Walking, T. Desarro
  • Something in the Water, N. Poulsen
  • Little Wagon Wheel, G. Teather
  • Beautiful Day, G. Teather